Online Czech language course: Learn Czech grammar in sentences, vocabulary, test, practice
Online Czech course, grammar, vocabulary, test, practice

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Unit 1 - Our first sentences
We say where things are. Who is who and what is what.
Unit 2 - I love Czech
We will deal with places, accusative, locative and posessive pronouns.
Unit 3 - Time is money
What time, verbs -á, -í, -e. Personal pronouns in accusative.
Unit 4 - How are we going there?
Days of week, where shall we go? (genitive), modal verbs, how/with what? (instrumental)
Unit 5 - I know that I know nothing.
Where are you going to put it? places, negation, more of perfective verbs
Unit 6 - The future in numbers
numbers, plural in nominative and accusative, adjectives in accusative, future
Let bygones be bygones.
dative of nouns and pronouns, past tense
Unit 8 - You are exaggerating
conditionals, genitive singular, comperative and superlative of adjectives
Unit 9 - Size doesn't matter (But quantity does)
plural of genitive, genitive of pronouns, more conditionals
Unit 10 - day, week, month, year, decade
singular of instrumental, ordinal numbers
Unit 11 - Taking orders
imperative, calling/addressing people, instrumental of pronouns
Unit 12 - Not only for the wealthy
vocative singular, vocative of pronouns
Unit 13 - Head, shoulders, knees and toes ...
plural of vocative, in order to ...
Unit 14 - Shall we drive, sail or fly?
The plural of dative, declension of numbers,
Unit 15 and the last one - Money makes the world go around
instrumental case in plural, conditionals

Grammar exercises for learners of Czech as a foreign language

These carefully constructed grammar drill exercises create a unique opportunity for learners of Czech as a foreign language to practise and test their knowledge of basic and more advanced aspects of Czech grammar and vocabulary.

What is this?

These grammar drill are a necessary extension of many grammar books you may be using. Drills are carefully graded and each exercise extends the knowledge of the previous one. Most of the exercises have audio recordings to enhance your learning experience and to support you with your learning endeavour. These recordings will help you master listening skill and help you with basic pronunciation of these difficult but beautiful language. The results of your scores are saved and made available any time and from the statistics page you can relaunch exercises where you wish to achieve higher scores.

Who is it for?

These drills are a highly relevant supplementary exercise for the beginner learner and for those who wold like to improve their Czech vocabulary. To even more enhance your vocabulary we recommend you try other sections of our project such as vocabulary drills or random words.

How to use these drills.

The first 4 units of these drills are free but to save your scores you need to register with your email address.


1. Czech grammar drills are grouped into 15 gradually more difficult units. The list of units can be found in the menu on the left. Then each lesson contains 2-7 exercises. An snapshot of the list of units:

Seznam lekcí pro procvičení české gramatiky

An example of the sentences in each exercise:

Ukázka drillu pro procvičení české gramatiky


2. The list contains the first few sentences to make it easy for you to select the most appropriate exercise for your needs. The total number of sentences in the drill set is displayed under the sentences. To proceed to the exercise click on the "Pokračovat k tomutu drillu" link.

3. Most exercises (especially the ones at the beginning) are recorded into sound files which are automatically loaded and start to play when you open the exercise. rewinding, forwarding, pausing and playing can be managed from the user control panel that is traditionally used by most music players. Sometimes you may need to reload the page using the link under the control panel if the recording doesn't start playing. This will most likely be necessary when your internet connection is slower.

Ovládací panel zvuků

4. Once the sentences are displayed we recommend you study the sentences carefully. In some cases the sentences may carry Czech language specific expressions which are not always possible to reflect in the translation.

5. Once you have read through the sentences at least once and you are now ready to test you knowledge, just click on the link below the exercise to open the grammar drill practise interface. Your task is very easy: just read the English sentence, say the Czech sentence to yourself and click on the 'HOTOVO' button. You will be shown the sentence that was in the exercise. Now you decide if your answer was correct or not. How strict you are with yourself is up to your discretion. You may want to be more strict with yourself at the beginning and score low and return to the exercise at a later time to improve your scores. Or you may wish to remember just the key phrases or words from the sentence and you are not so keen to master the whole sentence including conjugation and tenses. The fate of your learning Czech is in your hands. Just click on the green or red button to indicate whether you think was right or wrong, respectively.

Now you may ask: why can I cheat? why don't you evaluate my knowledge? that is why I am paying you!!!

Our answer is not that simple. Let us answer you with three questions: 1. Why should you cheat? 2. Would you like to fill in forms tediously instead of having the speed and convenience of learning with the click of the mouse? Would you like to be penalized for misspellings and typos? Well if you answered 1. I don't. 2. NO. 3. NO to our questions, you have got the point. Any other answer is wrong... no, just kidding. Seriously: this format has been thoroughly tested and compared with other formats and this one got the most favourable scores so we decided to stick to it. If you wish to receive fill in the gaps exercises just drop us a line and we will create one for you. Really.

An example of self-assessment buttons.


Správně Špatně tlačítko



6. Once you have completed the exercises you can go to the statistics page where you can see all scores of your previous exercises ordered by date of completion.

Statistika drillů


Click on the link to see details of the exercise.

Detailní statistika drillů

Click on the "Statistika tohoto drillu" link to redo the exercise and improve your scores.


Happy learning Czech!!


Your virtual teachers of Czech language.



ONLY 9 €/YEAR for all exercises

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Realtime activity monitoring of Czech resources
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Custom built Czech grammar and vocabulary exercises
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Czech language grammar and vocabulary course for beginners, foreigners

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Online Czech language course: Learn Czech grammar in sentences, vocabulary, test, practice
Online Czech course, grammar, vocabulary, test, practice