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Mini grammar crash-course of Czech language

Grammar course of Czech for foreigners

What is this?

This grammar crash course of Czech language is a unique carefully constructed stand alone online course to provide opportunity to those seeking to learn Czech online to learn and practice Czech grammar and vocabulary. The course is intended for foreigners who for any reason whatsoever have decided to learn, refresh, tidy up or enhance their understanding of Czech grammar. This course can be used by beginners who have no knowledge of Czech whatsoever. Our audio recordings provide ample listening practise and will help you to master Czech pronunciation and intonation. Our step-by-step method ensures you will progress with the grammar at your own pace and each subsequent unit is built on the previous ones.

Who is it for?

  • for beginners  - who are starting to learn Czech
  • for foreigners working in Czech Republic in a non-Czech speaking environment
  • for those who have a Czech girlfriend/boyfriend - impress your friends
  • for those who study or intend to study Bohemistics or Slavonic languages at universities

How to use it?

1. Please register first using your email address.


2. Log in using your password you receive in the mail. You can change your password any time in your profile page.


3. Go to Czech Grammar Crash-course main page and you can start your course.

4. After having done the first unit you will be requested to become our subscriber. For a nominal fee you will be able to proceed with your course and will have ample of exercises and test to learn and improve your understanding of Czech Grammar.

5. You will always have the possibility to redo any exercise you have done. Our online monitoring system records your activity and keeps scores of your results.

6. You can only do the next unit once you have received 80% of the scores for the previous exercise. It is like in a computer game. Achieve your goals and go to the next level. Our experience has shown that this is the most effective and motivating way of learning online. You will not get lost in a myriad of exercises. This step-by-step approach is not only the most preferred but also highly motivating.

7. You can see your activity history on the main page and you can choose to redo any exercise whether you have done it well and want to repeat it or you just would like to improve your scores.

8. The audio recordings will help you improve your listening comprehension skills and will aid you with pronunciation and intonation.

9. Each unit starts with explanation of Czech grammar. We tried hard to minimize grammar terminology and to achieve this we provide you with ample of example sentences and in the explanations we use the good old method of grammar in tables.

10. This site teaches you sentences not words! Already after 10 minutes of learning you will be making your first Czech sentences yourself. We believe that this conversational style learning grammar is the most effective, motivating and rewarding way of studying Czech or any language for that matter.