Je 479 slovíček s vysvětlením nebo příkladovou větou ve slovníku.

There are 479 words with matching explanations in the dictionary.

Zaregistrovaní a přihlášení studenti můžou vytvořit cvičení s vlastnímy slovy. Vy nejste přihlášený.
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Vocabulary-game Random Words for learners of Czech as a foreign language.

This word-game is a unique opportunity for the learners of Czech  to practice and build their Czech vocabulary.

What is this?

Random Words word-game is a sophisticated game to practice and improve your Czech vocabulary. Every randomly selected word has got explanation or illustration. Registered users can specify their own set of words.


Who is it for?

This word-game is designed for learners of Czech as a foreign language at elementary to upper intermediate level. The database is interconnected with our dictionary which contains over 5000 words of which over 1000 has got picture illustration, explanation or example sentence. The number of these words grow week after week at a rate we are able to implement new explanations. These words make the base for this Czech vocabulary practice game.


How to use the game.

The game is free but you need to register using your email address.


1. Once a set of words is generated we recommend (especially if you are less advanced) to study the words by reading the set. Read the explanations and look at the pictures. Here is a snapshot of a set of words displaying the first two words.

Příklad pro hru náhodná slovíčka


2. At the end of the list there is a button to continue. Click on it.

3. Each word is then displayed one after the other. The task of the student is to enter the Czech word into the text-field and click on the 'Zkontrolovat' button. Now your answer is evaluated and the next word is then displayed. In the snapshot below you can see the word 'Správně' to indicate that your answer was correct and the next word is shown which is in this example stín (shadow). This word happen to have illustration as well as explanation but in the majority of the cases there is only example sentence or explanation.

Příklad pro hru náhodná slovíčka


4. When you have completed the set of words you will be given the option to go to statistics page. The following snap-shot displays the detailed statistics for our imaginary student. The list of words in Czech, your result and the date of completion are all displayed.

Statistika náhodných slovíček

At the beginning of this list you can also click on the link 'Opakovat slovička' which will create an exercise from the words you didn't guess correctly. If the total number of unsuccessfully completed words does not make ten, you will be provided with additional random words to make up the ten.

5. Registered users can also specify their own set of words to practice.

Enter your own word into the light-green field. While typing you will be shown a list of all words that has those two letters you have typed in succession. The list of words is limited to the words that have explanations in our dictionary. When creating your word-set the program makes sure you don't enter twice the same word or if the word requested does not have an explanation in our dictionary.

Jak zadat vlastní slova

The words of your choice are displayed in a list, which displays their explanation and an option to remove a word from the list by clicking on the Vymazat word. You can chose to practice up to 10 words but if their number does not make 10 you will be provided with appropriate number of words to make 10.


Jak vypadá seznam slov

As you can see creating your own list of words is really easy and fast and provides you with hours and hours of playful learning.

Happy learning with our website wish you


Your virtual teachers.



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